Mark Logic Command: get

Gets documents from a Mark Logic server


get [options] document [document ...]


-c,-connect uriUse the connection string instead of $MLCONNECT
-tUse text for serialization instead of XML. Required for non-xml documents
-v,-verboseVerbose error logging
-baseuri uriBase URI to get
-m,-maxfiles nNumber of files to batch per request
-r,-recurseRecursive get
-maxthreads nMaximum number of threads to use
-t,-textFiles copied in text mode
-binaryFiles copied in binary mode
-d,-directory dirOutput directory
-o,-output fileOutput file
documenturi of the document to get


Get documents residing on a Mark Logic server and outputs to stdout. If more then one document is specified they are output as a sequence of documents.

Documents are specified by the URI used to store the document


Assuming the prefix "ml" is imported as the marklogic module, gets the "test.xml" document and prints to stdout

ml:get test.xml


get is implemented as an xsh script which simply calls query. The source of the script is

_opts=$<(xgetopts -a -p "c=connect:,t=text" -ps -- "$@")
shift $?

for uri ; do
   :query $_opts -q "doc(\"$uri\")"

MarkLogic Extension Module

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