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||-v,-verbose||Verbose error logging||
||-baseuri uri||Base URI to get||
||-m,-maxfiles n||Number of files to batch per request||
||-r,-recurse||Recursive get||
||-maxthreads n||Maximum number of threads to use||
||-t,-text||Files copied in text mode||
||-binary||Files copied in binary mode||
||-d,-directory dir||Output directory||
||-o,-output file||Output file||

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_opts=$<(xgetopts -a -p "c=connect:,t=text" -ps -- "$@")
shift $?
:query $_opts -q "doc(\"$uri\")"
import module ml=org.xmlsh.marklogic
ml:query -q "doc(\"$uri\")"

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get [options] document [document ...]
||-t||Use text for serialization instead of XML. Required for non-xml documents||
get [-c uri|-connect uri] document [document ...]

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||-c,-connect uri||Use the connection string instead of $MLCONNECT||
||document||uri of the document to get||
ml:get test.xml
-connect uri
-c uri Use the connection string instead of $MLCONNECT
document uri of the document to get
$ ml:get test.xml

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