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A command line shell for XML
Based on the philosophy
and design of the Unix Shells

xmlsh provides a familiar scripting environment, but specifically tailored for scripting xml processes.

Sourceforge Project Page

This project is managed in Sourceforge. See the Sourceforge Project Page
The latest version is release Release updated on 2009-12-11. It is currently in use in productions systems and there are no *known* open bugs.

*Note: 2009-12-11* xmlsh version jar has been renamed to xmlsh-1.0.jar so that it doesnt conflict with the beta xmlsh.jar. The 1.0 release of xmlsh depends on Saxon 9.2 which is incompatible with the beta release which depends on Saxon 9.1.

Mark Logic server is now supported via an extension module, see MarkLogic
Calabash Xproc processor is now supported via an extension module, see Calabash

XMLSH now has a Blog as an attempt to less formally journal the progress.

I gave a presentation about xmlsh at Balisage (previously "Extreme XML") confrence, August 13, 2008.
See Balisage Program

I co-presented a presentation with Norman Walsh at Balisage 2009 on Efficient XML Scripting

Basic Syntax
How To Guide

Other ways of using xmlsh

Calling from Ant
Embedding xmlsh
Embedding as as Servlet


Commands includes Posix and Experimental commands

XPath Extensions

XPath Extensions

Extension Modules

Calabash XProc

Other Fun Things

A recent interview with Steve Bourne about the "Bourne Shell" (sh).
Bourne Shell Interview
XML Resources page from DEI
Four part series on xmlsh at XML Today

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