Calling from Ant

xmlsh can be called from ant as a custom ant task.
The xmlsh task is defined using an the <taskdef> task.
See the ant docs on Writing your Own Task.

The <taskdef> task defines the name for the xmlsh task, the class name and the classpath to xmlsh.jar

An example of a taskdef for calling xmlsh
<taskdef name="xmlsh" 

You can then call xmlsh by using the <xmlsh> task. Xmlsh scripts can be called by filename, or by embedding the script. If calling by filename then the arguments may be specified using the <arg value="argument"/> element.

An example of calling the xmlsh script "test.xsh" passing 2 argumuments

	<xmlsh script="test.xsh">
		<arg value="arg1"/>
		<arg value="arg2"/>

The xmlsh script can be passed inline as text content to the task. This should be enclosed in a CDATA section if it contains special XML charactors ( < , & ) which are common in xmlsh scripts.

A simple example with no special charactors


An example with special charactors

   xslt -f xslt.xsl < file.xml > output.xml

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