Release notes for version 1.2.3 - 2013-03-22

2013-09-30 11:10:50 EDT daldei
Prepare for 1.2.4 release

2013-09-17 08:59:32 EDT daldei
Fix some problems with parens in the builtin test / [] command

2013-09-10 11:17:11 EDT daldei
Improvements to JSON handling
added -parse option to xread
Beginning of annotation support for commands and options
Added better {$val} handling (tongs)

2013-08-25 09:18:28 EDT daldei
Delete incorrect test
Fix expansion of XMODPATH when passed in as system level ENV variable

2013-06-23 09:36:55 EDT daldei
Fix Options.getLong() to take a long as the default instead of an int

2013-06-10 13:16:38 EDT daldei
Added trap and validate commands
Update to store location information for xlocation() function

2013-05-10 08:54:08 EDT daldei
Avoid NPE on functions that return nothing

2013-05-08 10:08:53 EDT daldei
Fixed a problem with nested case statements in if statments causing a lookahead to mistokenize

2013-05-07 18:24:56 EDT daldei
Avoid a MalformedURLException when trying a module command that doesnt exist like aws:xxx

2013-05-07 08:44:06 EDT daldei
Fix a=($*) to return empty sequence instead of sequence of 1 null

2013-05-05 14:14:57 EDT daldei
Fix problem in case statement not allowign simple variable assignments.
Added -b to test to test for "block" file (equiivilent is volume)

2013-05-05 12:12:04 EDT daldei
Check for overrunning the end of a array expression ${var[n]} and return null instead of exception

2013-05-04 19:11:06 EDT daldei
Change script names to Java names and expose in xwhich as well as exceptions in scripts

2013-05-04 18:50:52 EDT daldei
Better error checking for Options

2013-05-04 18:49:51 EDT daldei
Turn off httpclient info/debug log4j logging

2013-05-04 18:48:46 EDT daldei
For security, only check current directory for scripts or commands unless XPATH or PATH has "." in it or you specify a directory like ./

2013-04-05 09:28:30 EDT daldei
Fix a subtle case in catch where the { can appear on the same line as catch

2013-03-26 20:41:42 EDT daldei
Disable logging if no log file is writable
Improved notices legalease
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