Release 1.1.7

2011-12-14 10:59:10 EST daldei
Update to version 1.1.8

2011-12-13 12:21:13 EST daldei
Added keystore,keypass and sslproto to http command

2011-12-13 12:20:38 EST daldei
Changed xls listings to use <dir> instead of <file> for all directories.

2011-11-27 11:44:23 EST daldei
Added -disableTrust protocol to http command

2011-11-14 14:40:54 EST daldei
Added xmlsh namespace and extension function to the xquery function.

2011-09-20 13:27:21 EDT daldei
added mktemp to commands.xml

2011-09-20 13:26:23 EDT daldei
Fix a syntax error with if/for/done;

2011-08-24 09:27:15 EDT daldei
Read RC file on invoking xmlsh with a command unless -norc is specified
Close output file after xzip
Added long support for options
Create a xs:integer from ${#var} to match $#
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