Release 1.1.5

2011-05-05 11:07:49 EDT daldei
Updated to saxon 9.3.2
Updated version # to 1.1.5

2011-04-25 16:06:11 EDT daldei
Added a simple RNC version of the module schema
Added a simple experimental implementation of tagsoup

2011-04-20 20:56:02 EDT daldei
Fix a problem with xunzip if input is from a pipe, it would prematurely close the input stream causing a closed pipe exception.

2011-04-20 20:51:51 EDT daldei
Fixes to demo scripts for more system portability
Fixes SF bugs 3289484, 3289433

2011-02-25 10:34:44 EST daldei
Add additional options to xcmp
Fix help command to find help for script based commands

2011-02-03 12:18:16 EST daldei
Change to json/xml schema to use lower case element names
Added option to xinclude to use XOM serializer
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