Release 1.1.4

2011-02-01 08:20:40 EST daldei
Updated build version to 1.1.4
Added XOM Library support
Reworked xinclude to use XOM for additional functionality
Fixed some test cases
Added XOM legal notices

2011-01-21 09:47:51 EST daldei
resolve relative paths in xsd schema validation so that the core validator doesnt have to know about the shell's pwd.

2011-01-21 09:35:15 EST daldei
Added a namespace to the JXML schema used by json2xml and xml2json
Updated the schema file and dependant tests.

2011-01-17 07:25:00 EST daldei
Fix an input file handle/stream leak in xslt which would leave open the xslt source file.

2011-01-15 18:40:36 EST daldei
Added -i option to xslt1
Added tests for xslt1
Added mktemp command

2011-01-11 08:35:23 EST daldei
Fix problem with over flushing IPort - can cause XDM values to be tossed in VariableOutputPort
Add test to xgrep to validate that scripts outputting XDM values can be assigned to a variable

2011-01-11 08:22:17 EST daldei
Enhance tests to check for unexpected stderr output

2011-01-10 18:06:00 EST daldei
Fix wildcard matches which include "(" or ")"
Added enhanced test case to core_case to validate

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