Release 1.1.2

2010-12-25 06:33:37 EST daldei
Update to 1.1.2

2010-12-23 16:38:44 EST daldei
Move Schema utils into xmlsh core from json ext module.

2010-12-22 08:42:54 EST daldei
Added posix emulated command "tee"

2010-12-21 17:09:58 EST daldei
Fix tests for JSON/XML transformation now that UTF8 is properly used.

2010-12-19 21:09:14 EST daldei
Fix some json/xml conversion issues
Reading JSON always use UTF reguardless of shell's text encoding setting
When writing XML dont double-serialize, that double-encoded entities (& -> &)

2010-12-17 21:38:04 EST daldei
jsonxml schema

2010-12-16 20:41:33 EST daldei
Fix getAttribute to accept a QName instead of only strings for attribute names
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