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======Calabash XProc Extension Module======
The Calabash xproc implementation is supported as an extension module to xmlsh. This allows running xproc pipelines from within the same JVM as xmlsh and using native xmlsh syntax. For example, input and output ports in xproc are supported via named ports in xmlsh.

Calabash extension module is on sourceforge in the calabsh_ext package under xmlsh.
Download the latest binary from [[]]. Look under the "calabash_ext" folder.

This module requires at least version 1.1.8 of xmlsh


To run this module you must include the supplied calabash_ext.jar
as well as the following jar files required for calabas

Calabash runtime from

Calabash optionally uses the following additional files beyond what is included in xmlsh


See for list of dependancies
For HTTP support include the Commons HTTP client from
Also requires the commons logging jar from
Also requries common codec from

For relax-ng support, ISO Relax from

Other jar's may be needed for optional components, see the calabash web site for details

For PDF support you may need a free or commercial license for RenderX XEP from

Place above jar files in the same directory as calabash_ext.jar and module.xml
Alternatively you can edit module.xml and change the paths to the Dependant jars.


Import the calabash extension in xmlsh with an "import module" statement
The module can be found using the XMODPATH variable or explicitly by specifying the module.xml file

import module calabash

import module /usr/local/xmlsh/ext/calabash/module.xml

the following commands are supported

Assuming that XMODPATH refers to a directory which includes the "calabash" directory which in turn includes the module.xml and the dependant jars.

$ import module calabash

Or you can use a prefix for the module
$ import module c=calabash

=====Configuring =====
If you want to configure calabash, you can do so as documented in the Calabash Home page.
It runs fine without any configuration.

Your now ready to run xproc from within xmlsh.

The following commands are supported
- [[CalabashXproc xproc]]

[[Modules Extension Modules]]

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