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Mark Logic Command: put

Puts a document onto a Mark Logic server.


put [options] [file | expression ] ...


Puts a file (or expression) from the local system onto a Mark Logic server.


-c,-connect uriUse the connection string instead of $MLCONNECT
-uri uriUse the specified uri as the uri of the destination document,
Otherwise uses the base uri of the file or expression.
-baseuri base-uriUse the specifed base uri instead of the base URI from the file or expression
-r,-recurseRecursively put directories. If any argument is a directory then it is recursed
-m,-maxfiles numSend files in batch at must num files in one transaction
-t,-textStores the document as "text" content type
-b,-binaryStores the document as "binary" content type
-x,-xmlStores the document as "xml" content type
-d,-mkdirsCreate directories as needed. Only creates direct parent directories of documents
expression | fileThe file (or expression , variable, port or url) to put to the Mark Logic server.

If file is omitted then stdin is used.
If neither -x, -t or -b is specified then the content type is determined by the server.


Assuming the prefix "ml" is imported as the marklogic module.

Put the file "test.xml" using its full path as the uri
ml:put test.xml 

Puts the file "test.xml" using the uri "myfile.xml"
ml:put -uri myfile.xml test.xml

Puts the dynamic document <foo/> to the ML server using the uri "test.xml"

ml:put -uri test.xml <[ <foo/> ]> 

Puts the result of an xquery (via stdin) to the Mark Logic server using the uri "test.xml"
xquery -q 'myquery.xquery' -i input.xml | ml:put -uri test.xml

Copies an entire directory tree "modules" to the /modules/ directory on the ML server, using at most 100 files per batch
ml:put -baseuri / -r -m 100 modules


Like most xmlsh commands, anywhere an input file is expected, a file, uri, expression, port, or variable expression may be used instead.

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