Mark Logic Command: get-permissions

List permissions of documents from a Mark Logic server


get-permissions [options] document [document ...]


-c,-connect uriUse the connection string instead of $MLCONNECT
-tUse text for serialization instead of XML. Required for non-xml documents
documenturi of the document to list permissions


Lists permissions of the specified documents. This is a convenience routine wrapping xdmp:document-get-permissions and sec:get-role-names.
The output is more readable then either.

Documents are specified by the URI used to store the document


Assuming the prefix "ml" is imported as the marklogic module, gets the "test.xml" document and prints to stdout

ml:get-permissions  test.xml

 <permissions uri="test.xml">
  <permission capability="read" role="user-read"/>
  <permission capability="insert" role="user-write"/>
  <permission capability="update" role="user-write"/>

MarkLogic Extension Module
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