Function newEventReader

This function is part of the StAX support.


newEventReader creates a new StAX XMLEventReader Object


newEventReader( [ uri ] )


newEventReader creates an instance of a StAX XMLEventReader object initialized to read from the standard input port, or if supplied, any URI (filename, http etc).

The result object should be stored in a variable for use by other StAX Functions.
This object is actually a real instance of the XMLEventReader interface, and you can use the Java Objects method call syntax to access it,
it is easier and more efficient to use the functions in the StAX Functions which provide a higher level interface.

To use the StAX functions you need to import them into either the global namespace or a local namespace.
Its recommended that you use a local namespace so that there is less chance of name collisions.

import commands stax=stax
reader=stax:newEventReader( file.xml )

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