Command xvalidate


xvalidate validates an xml document against a schema


xvalidate [ serialization options ] [options] [file]


-xsd schema.xsdValidates against a single W3C schema files in no namespace
-xsd "URI schema.xsd [...]"Validates against one or more W3C schema files in namespaces
-dtd schema.dtdValidates against a XML DTD file
-rng schema.rngValidates against an RNG schema file
-schematron schematron.xml validates against a schematron description

Supports the standard [ serialization options ]


validates an xml document against a schema.
Forcibly ignores any DTD schema specified in the DOCTYPE instruction.

xsd validation

Validates an xml document against one or more xsd schemas.
If the first form is used then the schema is used as the "no namespace" schema.
If the second form is used then one or more URI/schema pairs are used as namespace schemas for validation.
XSD validation uses the xsdvalidate command.

dtd validation

Validations against the specified DTD and ignores any DTD in the DOCTYPE processing instruction.

rng validation

rng validation uses the rngvalidate command. See that command for details on the options.

schematron validation

schematron validation uses the schematron command

If no files are specified, then stdin is read.
If one file is specified it is used as XML input.

Return Value

Returns 0 (true) if validation is successful.
Returns 1 (fail) if validation fails and prints any validation errors on stderr

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