Command xcat


xcat combine and concatenate XML files to a single XML document


xcat [ serialization options ] [-w string|element ] [-r] [file ...]


Concatenates one or more XML files into a single xml fiile.

-w string Wraps each xml file with an element named "string"
-w element Wraps each xml file with the specified element
-rRemoves root element

Supports the standard [ serialization options ]

If no files are specified, then stdin is read.
If no file or one file is specified and no -w argument is given, the file is parsed and serialized without wrapping.
If a -w argument is given the the file is wrapped with a container element.
If the -r argument is specified then the root element is stripped from each file,
if -r is specified and no -w argument then if there is more then one file and/or more then one child of root then this produces an error.


The xcat command is streamable. Input and output is created in streaming mode so there is no memory limit to how large the input or output documents can be.


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