Command http


http http client


http [options]



-get url performs an HTTP GET
-put url performs an HTTP PUT
-post url performs an HTTP POST
-delete url performs an HTTP DELETE
-trace url performs an HTTP TRACE
-head url performs an HTTP HEAD
-options url performs an HTTP OPTIONS

If no request options are supplied then -get is assumed.

Connection Options

-connectTimeout time Sets the connection timeout
-contentType content-type Sets the content type in the request property
-readTimeout time Sets the read timeout
-useCaches,+useCachesTurns on (off) caching
-followRedirects,+followRedirectsTurns on (off) redirection
-user username Authenticates with username
-password password Authenticates with password
-H,-add-header name=value Adds a HTTP header
-disableTrust protocolDisables certificate trust validate for the specified procol
-keystore filenamePath to keystore for local client certificates
-keypass passPassphrase for keystore
-sslprotoOverride the default (SSLv3) protocol for use when -keystore is used

Time is specified in seconds, and can be fractional such as 2.5

If username and password are both supplied then Basic Authentication is used.

For -put and -post the standard input is read and used as the input to the HTTP command.
For all commands the output of the HTTP command is sent to standard output.


http -get

Return Value

Returns 0 if the is return code of the request is 200, otherwise returns the return code

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