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======Simple GUI for xmlsh======

[[CommandXmlshui xmlshui]] is a simple GUI for xmlsh. It is not intended as the primary interface to xmlsh, rather it is intended for quick interactive experimentation.
You can launch [[CommandXmlshui xmlshui]] the same way as you launch xmlsh but use the xmlshui or xmlshui.bat file. There is also an internal command [[CommandXmlshui xmlshui]] analogous to the command [[CommandXmlsh xmlsh]].

The current GUI is very simplistic. It was modeled after the [[ BeanShell GUI]]

{{image url="" title="xmlshui" alt="xmlshui"}}

The top pane is the command pane. You can enter and edit any xmlsh commands. To execute the commands press the Run button.
The results will appear in the result pane (bottom). If the commands are long running such as a large loop you can press the Stop button to stop the execution at the end of the next command.

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