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======Release notes for version 1.2.2 - 2012-11-02======

2012-11-02 00:01:53 EDT daldei

Update to 1.2.2

2012-10-31 19:22:29 EDT daldei

Fix csv2xml and xml2csv to properly handle unicode headers and encode using the marklogic JSON encoding scheme for non NCName names.

2012-10-17 10:54:33 EDT daldei

Organize Imports

2012-10-01 16:12:04 EDT smcs-turing

revise operation of relative path feature to always get relative path from context of the current directory of the current Shell. Later this will allow an additional parameter to xls to specify any directory to relativize to.

2012-10-01 10:46:22 EDT daldei

Recognize XMLSHRC as an alternate for locating the .xmlshrc file

2012-09-30 16:40:36 EDT smcs-turing

extend relative path output option to xls (-r) and xgrep (-r).

create additional serialize method signature in XFile with extra 'relative' option. Old serialize method calls this with relative=false.

fix bug in xls.list where it was not checking that listFiles returns null.

update internal_xgrep* test scripts to invoke xgrep with -r option, and output compare files to display proper relative path.

2012-09-27 17:34:09 EDT smcs-turing

added option to output relative (to current working directory) path for a file (xfile -r).

2012-09-18 16:43:43 EDT smcs-turing

update s3put to use AWS TransferManager for directory uploads
fix S3Path constructor to handle null key case
add file list sorting method for Lists in Util

2012-08-31 14:19:34 EDT daldei

For all commands printing exceptions, print out the full chain of caused-by messages to stderr.
This is in addition to the full stack trace already available in xmlsh.log

2012-08-26 07:14:56 EDT daldei

Better error checking in import command for invalid tags
Fixed problem with nested for loops where the outer loop didnt use the "in" keyword
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