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Mark Logic Module

Connectivity to a Mark Logic server is supported with an extension module.

Mark Logic support is via an Extension Module. It must be downloaded separately from xmlsh and added to the classpath in order to run.


Mark Logic extension module is on sourceforge in the marklogic package under xmlsh.
Dowload the latest binary from marklogic package

You also need the "xcc.jar" file from Mark Logic Developer Page (the Java XCC Distribution)


Place marklogic.jar and xcc.jar in a known directory and edit the CLASSPATH used for launching xmlsh.
This can be done by editing the win32\xmlsh.bat or unix/xmlsh startup scripts or whatever command is used to launch xmlsh.

Windows example, assuming marklogic.jar and xcc.jar are placed in the same directory as xmlsh.jar (%XMLSH%\lib) edit win32\xmlsh.bat and add before the java command

@set CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;%XMLSH%\lib\marklogic.jar
@set CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;%XMLSH%\lib\xcc.jar


Now you can startup xmlsh but you must import the extension module in order to use it.
Its recommended that you use a prefix for the import. The marklogic package is org.xmlsh.marklogic. To import the module using the "ml" prefix do the following.

$ import module ml=org.xmlsh.marklogic

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