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Mark Logic Command: query

query runs an 'ad hoc' xquery on a on a Mark Logic server.
"Ad hoc" means the query from the local system, but the context (xml data) comes from the Mark Logic server.


query [options] [query] [varname value [varname value ...]]


Invokes a script (xquery file) residing on a Mark Logic server.
Optionally passing in variable (parameters) to the script.


-c,connect uriUse the connection string instead of $MLCONNECT
-tOutput result as text (instead of xml).
-vAssign variables (parameters) from the remaining arguments
-q scriptxquery to run passed as an argument
-f scriptfilefile containing the xquery.

If neither -q or -f is specified then the first argument after any options is taken to be the query string.


Assuming the prefix "ml" is imported as the marklogic module, invoke the local xquery file "test.xq" script on the server passing in a parameter "id" with the value "123"

ml:query-v -f test.xq id 123

Run a simple query specified on the command line
ml:query -q "'Hello World'"

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