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======Mark Logic Command: invoke======
invoke calls a server side xquery on a Mark Logic server

invoke [-c uri|-connect uri] [-t] [-v] script [varname value [varname value ...]]

Invokes a script (xquery file) residing on a Mark Logic server.
Optionally passing in variable (parameters) to the script.

||-c,connect uri||Use the connection string instead of $MLCONNECT||
||-t||Output result as text (instead of xml).||
||-v|| Assign variables (parameters) from the remaining arguments||
||script||path to script on the marklogic server||

Assuming the prefix "ml" is imported as the marklogic module, invoke the "test.xq" script on the server passing in a parameter "id" with the value "123"

ml:invoke -v test.xq id 123

The "-t" option is used to serialize directly as text. This converts non element output such as attributes directly to text.
Otherwise xml output is used. Using -t and redirecting to a variable results in a string type variable, otherwise an XML type variable is produced.

See [[Serialization]].

[[ModuleMarkLogic MarkLogic Extension Module]]
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