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The following functions come with xmlsh. Those in the "Core" set are in the main (unnamed) namespace and can be used without an [[CommandImport import]] statement.
Other functions are available only after importing the corresponding module.

Functions are invoked using the [[SyntaxFunctionCall Function Call Syntax]]

||[[FunctionJnew jnew]]||Core||Creates a [[JavaObjects Java Object]]||
||[[FunctionQuote quote]]||Core||Concatenate all arguements as a single string and quote it||
||[[FunctionQName QName]]||Core||Creates a QName||
|=| |=| |=| ||
||[[FunctionXSInteger xs:integer]]||[[FunctionsXS XS]]||Casts argument as an xs:integer||
||[[FunctionXSString xs:string]]||[[FunctionsXS XS]]||Casts argument as an xs:string||
||[[FunctionXSattribute xs:attribute]]||[[FunctionsXS XS]]||Create an attribute node||
||[[FunctionXSelement xs:element]]||[[FunctionsXS XS]]||Create an element node||
||[[FunctionXSdocument xs:document]]||[[FunctionsXS XS]]||Create a document node||
|=| |=| |=| ||
||[[FunctionStAXcloseReader stax:closeReader]]||[[FunctionsStAX StAX]]||Closes a StAX Reader||
||[[FunctionStAXgetAttribute stax:getAttribute]]||[[FunctionsStAX StAX]]||Gets an attribute value from a StAX START_ELEMENT Event||
||[[FunctionStAXgetData stax:getData]]||[[FunctionsStAX StAX]]||Gets the Data of a StAX Event||
||[[FunctionStAXgetEventType stax:getEventType]]||[[FunctionsStAX StAX]]||Gets event type of a StAX Event||
||[[FunctionStAXgetName stax:getName]]||[[FunctionsStAX StAX]]||Gets name of a StAX Event as a QName||
||[[FunctionStAXgetNamespace stax:getNamespace]]||[[FunctionsStAX StAX]]||Gets namespace URI of a StAX Event as a String||
||[[FunctionStAXhasNext stax:hasNext]]||[[FunctionsStAX StAX]]||Advances the StAX Stream to the next matching event||
||[[FunctionStAXnextEvent stax:nextEvent]]||[[FunctionsStAX StAX]]||Returns the next event||
||[[FunctionStAXnewEventReader stax:newEventReader]]||[[FunctionsStAX StAX]]||Creates a new XMLEventReader object||
|=| |=| |=| ||
||[[FunctionJsonBoolean json:boolean]]||[[FunctionsJson JSON]]||Creates a JSON boolean value||
||[[FunctionJsonNull json:null]]||[[FunctionsJson JSON]]||Creates a JSON null value||
||[[FunctionJsonArray json:array]]||[[FunctionsJson JSON]]||Creates a JSON value||
||[[FunctionJsonJson json:json]]||[[FunctionsJson JSON]]||Creates a JSON object or array from a string||
||[[FunctionJsonObject json:object]]||[[FunctionsJson JSON]]||Creates a JSON object||
||[[FunctionJsonNumber json:number]]||[[FunctionsJson JSON]]||Creates a JSON number||
||[[FunctionJsonPath json:path]]||[[FunctionsJson JSON]]||Evaluates a JsonPath on a JSON object||
||[[FunctionJsonString json:string]]||[[FunctionsJson JSON]]||Creates a JSON string||
||[[FunctionJsonValue json:value]]||[[FunctionsJson JSON]]||Creates a JSON value||

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