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======Command xuri======

**xuri** Constructs and disects URI's

xuri [options] uri
xuri [options] base uri
xuri [options] scheme ssp fragment
xuri [options] scheme host path fragment
xuri [options] scheme authority path query fragment
xuri [options] scheme user host port path query fragment

As a special case, in the 1 argument case if the uri has no scheme it is converted into a file URI.


Supports the standard [ [[SerializationOptions serialization options]] ]

||-a,-authority||Outputs the authority||
||-f,-fragment||Outputs the fragment||
||-h,host||Outputs the host||
||-p,-path||Outputs the path||
||-P,-port||Outputs the Port||
||-q,-query||Outputs the query||
||-r,-resource||Outputs a Resource URI (file or jar uri)||
||-s,-scheme||Outputs the scheme||
||-Q||Query arg is already urlencoded||


xuri http /data/books.xml ""

xuri -p http /data/books.xml ""

====Return Value====
Returns 0 if the command executed successfully, 1 if there was an error.

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