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**xunquote** parses a quoted XML string into an XML.

xunquote [options] [string ...]


Supports the standard [ [[SerializationOptions serialization options]] ]

||-n||Do not terminate or seperate expressions with a sequence terminator.||
||-p,-port port||Output to a named port instead of stdout||


**xunquote** unquotes the strings, or if none, unquotes the standard input and outputs as XML, optionally separated and terminated by the sequence terminator (typically LF).

The result may not be obvious depending on where you are outputing the results. This is not the same as a parsing XML (see [[CommandXread xread]] to parse XML.

The **xunqoute** command reverse the result of [[CommandXquote xquote]].

Typical use of **xunquote** is to parse XML messages with string content which contains XML encode XML bodies.
For example a SOAP message which contains a string representation of an XML document.


xunquote "<foo>bar</foo>"

====Return Value====
Returns 0 if the command is successful
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