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=====Command xsysinfo=====

**xsysinfo** Prints system information

xsysinfo [ [[SerializationOptions serialization options]] ]

Note: This command is part of the [[CommandsExperimental Experimental Commands]] set and needs to be imported in order to be used.
Prints system information. This is an [[CommandsExperimental Experimental]] command and is subject to change

<interface display_name="Internal loopback interface for 127.0.0 network" name="lo" mtu="32768">
<inet address="" name="localhost" loopback="true"/>
<interface display_name="Broadcom NetXtreme 57xx Gigabit Controller - Packet Scheduler Miniport" name="eth0" mtu="1500">
<inet address="" name="dleedell" loopback="false"/>
<interface display_name="Juniper Network Connect Virtual Adapter" name="eth1" mtu="1400">
<inet address="" name="" loopback="false"/>
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