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======Command xslt1======

**xslt1** executes an XSLT Version 1 transformation and print the result

xslt1 [ [[SerializationOptions serialization options]] ] [-f xslt file] [-v] [var value [var value]]

||-i input-file||Read input from input-file otherwise use stdin||
||-f xslt-file||read xslt script from file||
||-v||if -v is given then the remaining args are treated as name/value pairs and assigned to xslt external variables||

Supports the standard [ [[SerializationOptions serialization options]] ]


xslt1 -f /path/file.xsl -i foo.xml

xslt1 uses the Saxon 6.5.5 implementation of XSLT. It should only be used if the version 2 [[CommandXslt xslt]] command does not work properly. The xslt1 command is not as fully featured, and forces serialization on the output even if redirected to an xml variable.

====Return Value====
Returns 0 if the the xslt executed successfully. otherwise 1


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