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======Command xmd5sum======

**xmd5sum** List files in a directory

xmd5sum [ [[SerializationOptions serialization options]] ] [file ...]


Supports the standard [ [[SerializationOptions serialization options]] ]


Calculates the md5 checksum of each file and outputs the file and length.
If any argument is a directory, then it is recursed and all contents are also summed.


cd $XMLSH/samples/data
xmd5sum *.xml

<file name="REC-xml-20060816.xml" md5="8fac09521dfbbf3509024a924351f49f" length="199019"/>
<file name="books.xml" md5="dbd4c7ab88e5092f7ca83643cef2fd86" length="2841"/>
<file name="intl.xml" md5="73696927038bcac47b0c87d3aec16bc2" length="418"/>
<file name="othello.xml" md5="7dd2133a6e6104d79e017cd7062aa939" length="248777"/>
<file name="xi_doc1.xml" md5="80e03792e5d21285672ad5295f54c989" length="297"/>
<file name="xi_sub1.xml" md5="57024d1dc619fc7db898f10083d62a93" length="212"/>
<file name="xml-base-chap.xml" md5="3b2cf4f7c2b22090de0def548967b97e" length="101"/>
<file name="xml-base-test.xml" md5="09d39f674b7d2ce9c7b967d408d185bf" length="203"/>

====Return Value====
Returns 0 if the directory exists and is read successfully, otherwise 1.
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