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======Command xls======

**xls** List files in a directory

xls [ [[SerializationOptions serialization options]] ] [options] [directory or file ...]


||-l,-long||Long listing, include all file property attributes||
||-a,-all||List all files including hidden files (starts with ".")||
||-R,-recurse|| Recursively list all files and directories||

Supports the standard [ [[SerializationOptions serialization options]] ]

Lists the files in the supplied directory or the current directory.
Outputs the list using the File schema.
If -l is given then all file attributes are written ( name,path,writable,readable,type,length) otherwise only name and path.

xls .
<file name="3rdparty" path="C:/p4dell/DEI/xmlsh/3rdparty"/>
<file name="bin" path="C:/p4dell/DEI/xmlsh/bin"/>
<file name="build.xml" path="C:/p4dell/DEI/xmlsh/build.xml"/>
<file name="doc" path="C:/p4dell/DEI/xmlsh/doc"/>
<file name="lib" path="C:/p4dell/DEI/xmlsh/lib"/>
<file name="license.txt" path="C:/p4dell/DEI/xmlsh/license.txt"/>
<file name="schemas" path="C:/p4dell/DEI/xmlsh/schemas"/>
<file name="src" path="C:/p4dell/DEI/xmlsh/src"/>
<file name="test" path="C:/p4dell/DEI/xmlsh/test"/>
<file name="unix" path="C:/p4dell/DEI/xmlsh/unix"/>
<file name="util" path="C:/p4dell/DEI/xmlsh/util"/>
<file name="win32" path="C:/p4dell/DEI/xmlsh/win32"/>
<file name="x.xquery" path="C:/p4dell/DEI/xmlsh/x.xquery"/>
<file name="_dist" path="C:/p4dell/DEI/xmlsh/_dist"/>
<file name="_out" path="C:/p4dell/DEI/xmlsh/_out"/>

====Return Value====
Returns 0 if the directory exists and is read successfully, otherwise 1.
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