Command xmove


xmove Moves/renames an xml file to a filename based on an expression


xmove [-x expr] [-d dir] [e extension] [-ns namespace [-ns namespace ...]] [-f] files


-x,-xpath xpath-exprEvaluate the xpath expression on each file to generate the basename of the new file
-d,-dir dir Specifies a new directory to move the file to
-ns namespace Adds namespace declarations. Required if the xpath expression requires namespaces
-fForce move (deletes target file if it exists)
-mkdirCreate parent directories of target if not exists
files List of files to move/rename


Moves/renames an xml file to a filename based on an expression.

For each file given, the xpath-expr is evaluated with the context of the specified file. The result is cast to a string (equivilent to passing the result to the fn:string() function. This because the new basename of the file.
The full target filename is composed of

If no [dir] is provided (-d) then the current directory is used
if no [extension] is provided then the extension of the current file is used.

The xpath expression can be used to create part of the destination directory.
For example

Move all xml files to a directory equal to the root element name and base name equal to the text value of the child id element.

If the XML looks like

xmove -mkdir -x 'concat(node-name(/node()),"/",/node()/id)' *.xml

Will move the file to root/123.xml

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